Cultural Diplomacy Seminar

Cultural Diplomacy Seminar

European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) OTTAWA is delighted to invite you to the first edition of the Cultural Diplomacy Seminar at Carleton University, organized in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to CANADA and the Centre for European Studies at Carleton University.

This Cultural Diplomacy Seminar, “An EU-Canada Perspective: Writing to Be Read: The Impact of New Technologies and Globalization”,  will introduce inspiring and creative developments and trends  in European and Canadian contemporary textualities  (media, literature and political discourse)  and offer stimulating reflection on various issues, in a very open cross-disciplinary approach, as reflected in the new EU and Canadian 21st-century textualities:  the urban space, mobility, and multiculturalism/interculturalism.

We propose to analyze the new conditions surrounding the production and consumption of diverse contemporary textualities in the European Union and in Canada and to address questions such as:

1. Are there conditions that promote individuality in the context of our cybercities in the global world?

2. How do characters in contemporary fiction reflect and define the representation of the modern man? What are the most representative typical-ideal characters in modern fiction?

3. Does contemporary ”nomadism”  (transatlantic mobility and inside the EU and Canada) become visible in the texts?

4. How is the urban space represented?

5. How do the new ”textualities” adapt to new technologies and to the habits of their modern readers?

6. How have media communicators and politicians adapted their discourse and used the new technologies?

When: April 30, 2014
Time: 3:00 – 7:00 PM
Location: Robertson Hall, Room 608, Senate Room, Carleton University

Event contact: Cathleen Schmidt

Registration is required for this event due to limited space.

Partners: The Centre for European Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa