Performigrations: People are the territory

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Performigrations: People are the territory

Performigrations is a project selected for funding by the EU Commission’s cultural agency overseeing the cooperation with third countries. Canada, with Australia, was the designated country for the Culture Programme 2013, with duration: April 1st 2014 – March 31st 2016.

The project, coordinated by the University of Bologna, brings together an experienced international team of 6 European co-organisers, representing Italy, Greece, Portugal and Austria, and 5 partners representing the three largest Canadian cities, in the three most populated provinces (Ontario, Québec, British Columbia); as well as 5 associate partners in the United Kingdom and Malta. The Italian Cultural Institute of Montréal is partner of the project.

Two are the motivating statements of the project:
«Each migrant is a performer in the chosen destination: no matter the reason for the move of each migrant »
«Relocation forces a person to adjust to a new territory and to play a new role.

In each location, artists will be asked to submit a proposal for an artistic project in a specified medium. The winning artists will develop their proposals as content for the Performigrations art installation. Artists will work together on the installation by integrating their work into the evolving installation, thus contributing to a dialogue with others.

Sponsors are welcome and will be chosen during the life of the project.
For sponsorship proposals: info(at)

In compliance with the project’s specific objective and criteria, this call is open to European and Canadian citizens, as well as to immigrants in Europe and Canada.

EXTENDED deadline: 7 February 2014

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